Las Vegas and Henderson Beauty Shops Shuts Down Due to Unpaid Wages

Las Vegas and Henderson Beauty Shops Shuts Down Due to Unpaid Wages

Employees of the “Fantastic Sams” beauty salon chain in Henderson and Las Vegas have found themselves in a tough spot, claiming that the owner owes them thousands of dollars in back pay. The owner of these salons, Jaymee Lawrence, has seemingly disappeared, leaving the employees in a difficult financial situation. These workers shared their distressing experiences, highlighting how the sudden closure of the salons has impacted their lives and financial security.

Unmet Promises Financial Struggles and Unpaid Wages

Jaymee Lawrence purchased five Fantastic Sams locations within the last year, initially bringing hope to her new employees. However, this hope quickly turned to frustration as their paychecks began arriving late. Melissa Snyder, one of the employees, mentioned that her first paycheck under Lawrence’s ownership arrived a week and a half late, causing significant personal difficulties. “Those of us that depend on our paychecks, that live paycheck to paycheck with children, we didn’t get to do our last-minute Christmas shopping,” she explained.

The situation worsened over time, with Snyder reporting that her salon at Silverado Ranch Boulevard and Maryland Parkway was the first to close in March. Lawrence claimed it was due to the state board shutting them down, but in reality, financial troubles such as owing $11,500 in rent for one location were emerging. Snyder was moved to another location, only to find it also had an eviction notice.

The Quest for Resolution

Local news and the Nevada Office of the Labor Commissioner noticed the employees’ struggles and got involved. Delany Boyle, another employee affected by the closures, shared her story of receiving paychecks two weeks late, prompting her to leave. Documents revealed that at one point, Lawrence owed more than $16,000 in rent for another salon location. The Nevada State Board of Cosmetology also listed several Fantastic Sams locations as closed due to operating with an expired license.

Despite attempts by employees and media to contact Lawrence, she remained elusive. The Labor Commissioner’s office even struggled to locate her to assist in recovering the unpaid wages. Frustrated and with few options left, Snyder plans to take Lawrence to small claims court to seek justice for her unpaid wages. The closure of these salons has not only left about 20 employees without jobs but also without the pay they depend on, highlighting a significant issue in the management and operational practices at these locations.