Property Records of Nevada

The focus is on the efficient and effective deployment of an organization’s resources where and when they are needed. Property Records of Nevada covers all major real estate markets by providing detailed property history reports to investors, mortgage brokers, new homeowners, home buyers, and anyone in between. The property data is collected from various sources and combined into one easy-to-read property report that anyone can read. By covering major counties like Nye County, Elko County, Mohave County, Clark County, and the rest the company is the one source stop for real estate data.

Real Estate Service

Property reports are not only for homebuyers but also help real estate brokers and investors. The easy-to-read property report provides data on residential and commercial properties.

Sales Records

Find resources on sales reports that list property details, deeds*, title documents, owner details, and more.

Title Transfer

See the title transfers information starting from when the property was first sold to now and current ownership details.

Current Ownership

Know the contact details of the person who currently owns certain property. This can be a single person, a group of people, or even a corporation.


Property Reports for Nevada Investors

Nevada investors are looking for the latest and updated listings in the real estate market, Property Records of Nevada generates investors with a complete report which includes sales records, foreclosure activity, land details, and more. This helps investors point out investment opportunities faster.



Property Records for Nevada Brokers

Nevada residential brokers can are able to obtain a property report that can show the easy-to-read characteristics that include, property tax records, foreclosure activity, ownership records, deed documents, and more. In many cases, the direct contact information of the seller is included.



Property Records for Nevada Homebuyers

Homebuyers benefit the most from this service due to the variety of information provided. It is not unusual that potential homebuyers want to know the most they can about the largest purchase they're about to make. Whether it's a 1 or 6+ bedroom house people want the most details possible.


Title Transfer. Property History. Population Data.

Property Records of Nevada works with new homebuyers across Nevada including Las Vegas, Henderson, Reno, and more. The company creates property history reports for new homeowners that detail sales reports, foreclosure activity, neighborhood population, and more.


Comprehensive Data

Step up your real estate knowledge by having access to comprehensive data across Nevada properties. The property report covers thousands of residential homes & businesses state-wide.

A two-story house with a garage in Nevada


Printed Aerial Maps

Stop wasting your time will information that doesn't work and level up with maps of residential and commercial properties across Nevada that actually makes sense.

Inside of a home with a table, carpet and ceiling fan over looking the backyard in Nevada


Property Values

Get an estimate on properties that have recently sold in the neighborhood you are looking to purchase. The comparables compare homes with similar square feet & features.

Driveway of a two-story home in a suburban neighborhood in Nevada

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