10 Most Affordable Cities to Buy a House in Nevada

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Houses in Nevada are affordable and cheap if you know where to look. Las Vegas, Henderson, and Reno are only a few locations where people are buying homes. Property Records of Nevada has worked with homebuyers and home sellers and created a list of the best low-cost cities in The Silver State. The competitive real estate market has led many Americans to look elsewhere when it comes to low-priced homes. The state of Nevada is not all desert, Nevada has mountains, lakes, snow, and grasslands. Whether you want to raise a family in Carson City or enjoy the nightlife in Sin City Nevada has it all.

1. Carlin, NV

Carlin is a small town in the Northern part of Nevada. It is known as the gateway to the world’s largest mines. Mining was a big economic gateway in the early 1960s. Carlin has an estimated 2,050 residents as of 2021, it is only 2 hours away from Idaho. The median income is an average of $33,750 as of 2020, and the median home value is $222,600. Residents can enjoy warm weather in the summer and snow in the winter. This small town is affordable and great for first-time homebuyers.

2. Lovelock, NV

Lovelock is located in the northwest of Nevada. Carson City, the state capital is only two hours away. Don’t let the medium-security men’s prison scare you, this is a great small town. The average median income is an average $28,920 per year. According to Redfin, a two-bedroom home goes for an average of $242,000. Lovelock is affordable and a great place for anyone who wants to save money in the long run.

3. Ely, NV

If you like small cities with a gold rush vibe Ely is the city for you. Ely is located in White Pine County, the city was established as a stagecoach station next to the Pony Express in the early 1900s. Keep in mind that Ely is one of Nevada’s coldest cities with monthly mean temperatures ranging from 26.7 °F in January. People who like the outdoors will enjoy Ely since it’s surrounded by mountains. With a population of over 4,000 residents and an average home price of $230,260, Ely is the perfect city for many.

4. West Wendover, NV

If you’ve ever seen a picture of a large 63-foot-tall neon cowboy it was taken in West Wendover, Nevada. West Wendover is located in Elko County right next door to the Utah State Line. U.S. Highway 93 and Interstate 80 make it easy for residents to commute to larger surrounding cities. With a population of over 4,490 residents, the city is growing quickly. According to Zillow, the median home price is $351,730 as of 2022.

5. Winnemucca, NV

Winnemucca is in Humboldt County and is the only city that’s incorporated in the county. The city is great for outdoor recreation with nearby trails great for biking, hunting, and hiking. Winnemucca is a rural city that’s great for raising a family. The main industries are mining, oil, quarrying, and extracting. With a population of over 8,600 residents, Winnemucca is a great and affordable city. According to Zillow, the median home price is $346,400 as of 2022.

6. Elko, NV

Just like Winnemucca, Elko is known for oil, gas extraction, food services, mineral, and retail. Three hours away from Salt Lake City, and two hours away from Idaho, Elko is one great town with a suburban feel. Over 20,610 residents were living in Elko as of 2021. The median income is $36,850 which makes this a pretty affordable town. As of 2022, the current home value sits at $404,540, according to Zillow.

7. Yerington, NV

Yerington is an hour and fifteen minutes away from Reno, NV. The US Route 95 that runs from Arizona to Idaho runs through near Yerington which makes it easy for residents to minute to other cities. The city is known for growing and shipping red, white, and yellow onions that are distributed across America. Located in Lyon County, Yerington has a population of over 3,160 residents as of 2021. The average home sells for an average of $293,150, according to Zillow.

8. Fernley, NV

Thirty minutes away from Reno you will find the small town of Fernley. Fernley is known for its agricultural and ranching community. The median housing market is an average of $375,000 as of 2022 according to Redfin with a population of over 23,510 residents and growing. Fernley is only 30 minutes away from Reno and an hour away from Carson City.

9. Mesquite, NV

Mesquite is a city off the 15 freeway an hour away from Las Vegas but a lot more affordable. You can have the Sin City lifestyle without the small city’s cheap home prices. With over 21,150 residents is a low crime with over three hundred days of sun. The average home price is $398,740 as of 2022 according to Zillow. Mesquite offers a great chill nightlife that young people and older crowds can enjoy. The city is one of Nevada’s fastest-growing cities.

10. Fallon, NV

Fallon is only an hour away from Carson City. The city has three major freeways, I-80, US Highway 95, and 50. Having major highways nearby makes it easier for residents to commute to work and school. Known as the Oasis of Nevada for its beautiful countryside, desert, and agriculture. With a median household income of $45,590 and a population of over 9,320 residents, Fallon is a great deal for your buck. The median home sale price is an average of $364,990.

Nevada offers first-time homebuyers great down payment programs that anyone can apply for. If you are looking to leave the busy lifestyle behind and start a new beginning in a cozy small town you should definitely try Nevada.